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PJUR Toy Lube 100 ml lubricant

PJUR Toy Lube 100 ml lubricant

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The Pjur Toy Lube is more than an ordinary lubricant. This quality gel is perfect for lubricating all your attachments and toys, regardless of the material. Think of latex, leather, silicone and rubber can be taken care of with the Toy Lube lubricant. 100% safe for all your toys, skin, vagina and anus.

  • Odor and colorless
  • Toys friendly
  • Color: Transparent
  • Contents: 100 ml

A lubricant for every use

Because the Pjur Toy Lube can be used on any material, it is a lubricant that you can use at all times. You never have to worry about damaging your sexy toys, for example. The moment has finally arrived and you can slide your big dildo effortlessly and safely into your vagina, for example, to bring yourself to a blissful climax. Pjur Toy Lube has been dermatologically tested and is odorless and neutral in taste. Contents: 100ml .

Drip-free lubricant

This Pjur lubricant stays where you apply it and does not drip. The creamy consistency makes the lubricant very easy to use. Use Pjur Woman Toy Lube and you can glide carefree and for a long time...


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