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Electric UV Mosquito Lamp - USB - Black

Electric UV Mosquito Lamp - USB - Black

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The easiest solution for a bedroom without mosquitoes!

Combats mosquitoes and other flying insects very easily with this XL UV mosquito catcher, also called insect lamp! Ideal for the home, bedroom or caravan.
The blue UV light lures the insects to the lamp, after which they are sucked in and trapped. Simple and effective! This way you will no longer be bothered by annoying buzzing insects around you.

The tray is also easily removable and very easy to clean, so the insect lamp can last 1 - 2 weeks without cleaning it.
Once in the area, an insect such as a mosquito has no chance of escaping.


- strong suction function with seven blades, rotating 1800 times per minute.
- beautiful design
- durable
- 20 cm high
- including USB cable


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