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Diving mask - Snorkel mask - Fullface mask - Black / Orange

Diving mask - Snorkel mask - Fullface mask - Black / Orange

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With this diving mask / snorkel set you have a beautiful view underwater, because the mask offers you a 180 degree view. This mask is 100% anti-fog, so don't let your view be clouded by deposits on your mask and this for no less than 15,000 snorkeling hours! The silicone edge ensures that the mask is waterproof.
The I-shaped design of the mask ensures that the mask is very comfortable and you can spend hours snorkeling in the most beautiful places in the ocean. The exhalation pipe is watertight up to 50 degrees and the exhaust pipe is equipped with a special non-return valve, which is easy to empty.
The mask stimulates natural breathing, you can exhale through the nose or mouth. Our mask is a one-way recirculating snorkel mask that mechanically separates exhalation and inhalation. Inhalation enters the double snorkel and the exhaled carbon dioxide and residual oxygen not absorbed into the body flow out through the outside of the mask.

Product specifications:
-Weight: 1.08 kg
-Color: Black/Orange
-100% anti-fog
-180 degree view
-Place your camera on the mask and film everything underwater


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