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Snorkel mask Diving mask Full face diving mask Black/Blue

Snorkel mask Diving mask Full face diving mask Black/Blue

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Full face snorkel mask
With that 180 degree design full face snorkel mask you can easily breathe through your nose or mouth while snorkeling.
This mask features second generation snorkel technology and prevents water from entering through the snorkel and mask.
Pull the mask straps over your head and check that the fit is correct on your face. See if you can breathe properly, do you feel the pressure of the mask when you breathe in and out? Then the mask fits well and is sealed. Once in the water, swim on the surface first and breathe calmly through your mouth or nose, keeping your chin up for the best breathing while snorkeling. If for any reason water gets into the mask, touch the chin flap and let the water run out, so you don't have to remove the mask from your face.
-180 degree design
-Anti-fog technology
-Breathe through your mouth and nose
- Chin valve for easy removal of water from your mask


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