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Realistic Sex Doll Judy Lang Top Quality Full Body Silicone Sex Doll Love Doll

Realistic Sex Doll Judy Lang Top Quality Full Body Silicone Sex Doll Love Doll

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Realistic Sex Doll Judy - 165cm Tall - Round Big Breasts - Nice Ass and Tight Vagina -Top Quality Full Body Silicone Sex Doll

Her skin is glowing, her eyes are twinkling, her nipples are hard, her pussy is wet and she's ready for you!
Judy is made of macromolecule medical silicone and its joints according to the latest technologies
artificial plywood metal. This ensures that all limbs can move independently of each other and thus in each
desired pose can be placed. Her head is detachable and easy to clean after a wild blowjob.
Judy weighs 25 kg and is 1.65 meters tall. Take good care of Judy and clean her completely every 30 days max. This is possible
using mild shower foam. Her head needs to be cleaned separately, try to keep it away from water
to hold. Dry her off, preferably with a microfiber cloth and treat her body with baby powder, this also helps
prevent stickiness. Judy's hair can be washed with a mild shampoo and let her strands air dry (never use a hair dryer!)


  • Material: macromolecule medical grade silicone
  • Height: 1.65 meters
  • Waist circumference: 51 cm
  • Hip circumference: 74 cm
  • Cup: D
  • Lower body ( vagina to feet ) 69.5 cm
  • Leg length: 62.5 cm
  • Arm length: 52 cm
  • Foot length: 20.2 cm
  • Oral depth: 15 cm
  • Vagina depth: 17 cm
  • Anal depth: 16 cm
  • Weight: 37 kgs

Tips for first use and beyond:

  • Clean the doll before first use
  • Chanel should be completely cleaned up to every 30 days.
  • Her head needs to be cleaned separately. Keep away from water.
  • Clean the doll after each use
  • Preferably use lubricant for an optimal experience
  • Clean the head separately from the body. This is because it is sensitive to water.
  • Use baby powder to keep the body in optimal condition.
  • Use lint-free cloths to dry cavities
  • Upon receipt, please let it acclimatize in an airy place so that any odors can disappear.

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