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Tiger Balm Pads Heat Plasters - 8 pieces TEXT

Tiger Balm Pads Heat Plasters - 8 pieces TEXT

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Tiger balm pads - Lower back pain - Back pain - Heat patches - Muscle balm - 8 pieces

Many people suffer from back problems such as lower back pain on a daily basis. This can be extremely annoying and even disruptive in your daily life. You can also occasionally suffer from muscle pain because you made the wrong move, did a lot of sports or slept in the wrong position. In all these cases you can use tiger balm pads, also called a kind of heat patches. With these pads, which get nice and warm because of the tiger balm, muscles recover faster and relax again!

Tiger Balm is an old and proven remedy that is often used for muscle pain. It originates from Asia where it has been used for centuries. They use it during massages, but also smear it on their temples, neck and under their nose when they have a cold. Tiger balm has a very strong smell that comes from menthol or camphor.

What are the features of these tiger balm pads?

- They have an analgesic effect.
- The pads have a size of 6.8 by 9.8 cm.
- They can be used by adults or children from 12 years old.
- Only use under supervision in children.
- 8 pcs

Soothe lower back pain, neck pain, back pain or muscle pain with these handy heat patches with tiger balm. The tiger balm pads will ease the pain where you stuck them. Let them sit for a while until they wear off.

The warmth caused by the tiger balm is great for the muscles and will really make you feel better!

In short, these tiger balm pads are handy plasters for your toiletry bag. You can always use them and they always come in handy! Take them on a trip, use them at home or at work! Take care of yourself and your body by doing something about your back problems and muscle pain!


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