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Detox patches - Detox - Foot patches - 24-pack

Detox patches - Detox - Foot patches - 24-pack

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Detox Patches – Foot Patches – 8-pack

It is good to detoxify your body thoroughly and efficiently once in a while. This is also called Detoxing. By following a Detox cure you get rid of waste and toxins that can be harmful to the body. With these Detox foot patches you can do this at night while you sleep. You simply stick the plasters under your foot and let the plasters do their job at night. The reason to stick the Detox patch under the sole of your foot is that most of the nerves come together in the sole of the foot. This way you will be healthy, fit and vital again the next morning.
The Detox foot patches are made from natural ingredients such as tourmaline and bamboo extracts. These natural ingredients naturally detoxify the body. The course lasts 4 days. Using the patches can help ease indigestion, prevent bloating, promote weight loss, fight fatigue, and help prevent odors from sweaty feet.

For detoxification and fighting bad odors!
Benefits of Detox Patches
Stimulates relaxation of muscles and tendons
Works on foot reflexology
Fragrances such as lavender, rose, green tea are beneficial to the body
Made with tourmaline, which releases negative ions that are considered beneficial to the body
Contains vitamin C, bamboo vinegar and chitosan
Fits the soles of the feet
Works at night while you sleep
A set consists of 8 plasters: 2x lavender, 2x ginger, 2x green tea and 2x rose


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