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Shoulder brace

Shoulder brace

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Suffering from shoulder complaints? Then this Shoulder Brace from Meditor offers the solution.
This brace has been used with great success for years for shoulder problems, for optimal support during work, (top) sports and daily efforts. The shoulder brace also helps to significantly reduce pain due to the special strap construction, with the Velcro closures providing direct compression to the shoulder. The shoulder brace therefore offers optimal stability, without hindering mobility.

This lightweight shoulder brace also transfers heat to the shoulder joint and protects the shoulder against new injuries. The Meditor shoulder brace works optimally with overload, strains, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, wear and swelling. The shoulder brace has a Velcro closure that ensures a good fit and comfort. Because of all these unique properties, the shoulder brace has been used for years by top athletes in all branches of sport.

The shoulder brace is suitable for both men and women.

The Meditor Shoulder Brace can help with:

- optimal support when resuming activities after, for example, a traumatic aftermath
- after a luxation (dislocation) of the shoulder.
- a bursitis
- rheumatism and arthrosis
- pain caused by strains/sprains
- an overloaded shoulder
- tear in the labrum
- fragility of the shoulder joints
- optimal support, stability and protection during sports or work
- a swelling - specifically between the joint of the upper arm head and shoulder blade
- and "frozen shoulder"
- prevention of new (joint) injuries
- pain caused by bursitis (bursitis, subacromial bursitis)
- wear and tear of the shoulder joint (arthrosis glenohumeralis),
- dislocations (habitual luxation),
- injuries (post-traumatic dislocation)
- tendinitis (tendonitis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus)
- cuff ruptures and impingement problems.
- rehabilitation after (keyhole) operations (acromionplasty, Neerplasty),
- Humeroscalular periarthritis/rotator cuff syndrome
- irritation of the soft tissues around the shoulder (due to injury or surgery)
- capsular ligament injury - specifically between the joint of the arm head and shoulder blade
- hype mobility


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