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Toe Corrector - Hallux Valgus - MeditorPlus

Toe Corrector - Hallux Valgus - MeditorPlus

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Suffering from a deformity of the big toe? What makes walking difficult and painful? Then the Meditor toe corrector is the perfect solution.
The toe corrector corrects the misalignment of the big toe without surgery.

Ideal for deviation of the big toe (Hallux Valgus)
Ideal for Hallux valgus: Both conservatively and postoperatively
Ideal for Osteoarthritis / Wear and tear
Ideal for tendinitis (Tendonitis) on the big toe

The Hallux Valgus Toe Corrector provides support for the big toe. The toe corrector is equipped with a hinge that moves during walking. This ensures that toe misalignment is corrected by means of (minor) forces.

The splint has an optimal fit, making it easy to wear during the day.

To be worn in (open) shoes
Suitable for left and right toe
One size: Always fits
Material: PVC, Nylon and Cotton


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