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Fingertip Oximeter

Fingertip Oximeter

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Do you want to measure your saturation because you have problems with your breathing? For example because you have a lung disease or corona? Maybe you don't have enough oxygen in your blood (low saturation), you breathe in and out with difficulty or you do this more often than usual (high respiratory rate). You can monitor these factors yourself, for example with a pulse oximeter. This way you can adjust your medication accordingly.

How can you measure your saturation?

With a kind of clothespin that you put on a finger. It contains LED lights that measure how much light passes through your finger. This is how the device calculates the oxygen content in your blood. This is expressed in a percentage. A normal saturation is between 95% and 99%. Is this lower than 94% for you? Then it is wise to call your doctor. Low saturation can be dangerous for your health.

This pulse oximeter measures:

  • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2),
  • Pulse rate/heart rate (PR)
  • Perfusion Index (PI)

Perfusion Index is related to the strength of the user's pulse at the measurement site. PI is measured as a percentage (%) and the optimal value is 20%, indicating a very strong pulse.

✔Color: White / Blue
✔SpO2 range: 35-100%
✔PR range: 25-250 bpm
✔Battery: 2 x AAA 1.5V (NOT included)
✔Auto power off: after 20 seconds
✔Product size: 34x58x30 cm
✔CE Marking
✔Weight: 50g
✔ Contents: 1x oximeter, 1x lanyard, 1x user manual


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