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Extreme military flashlight XXXL

Extreme military flashlight XXXL

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Thousands of people in the Benelux buy this flashlight to feel safer at home! More and more people are getting the impression from the news that the world is becoming more dangerous. This is why people want to be better prepared for possible danger. Besides the fact that you can easily see everything clearly in the dark with this flashlight, you could also easily disorient intruders / attackers with this flashlight. In addition, the flashlight can also be used for self-defense. With a simple action, the flashlight is up to 44 centimeters long!

Have you ever been photographed in the dark with a camera flash? Then you know that it can take 4 minutes to see a little normal again. This flashlight is 100x brighter, provided you put it on the zoom position. If it is less in the zoom position, you can also use it ideally to find your dog, for example. The design of this flashlight takes into account that it can withstand the most extreme situations. That's why you can easily break a glass with the back and it contains an indestructible housing. The LED technology incorporated in this flashlight is therefore used by American Navy Seals, police officers and rescue brigades, among others.


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