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8-Pack Bamboo Cloths

8-Pack Bamboo Cloths

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8-Pack Bamboo Fiber Cloths - Super Absorbent - Cleaning Cloths

Clean everything in an instant with these super handy bamboo fiber cloths! Made from 100% bamboo fiber and designed with a special absorption technology, you can easily remove all stains with this bamboo fiber cloth. Combine a chamois, towel and sponge and you get this super absorbent bamboo fiber cloth set. They don't drip and clean any surface. The antibacterial function of the cloths prevents the spread and growth of bacteria. Prevent mold, mildew and a dirty air with these bamboo fiber cloths. The cloths are wonderfully soft and can be used on any type of surface. The bamboo fiber cloths are reusable and easy to clean in the washing machine.

•Made from 100% wood fibres
•Super absorbent properties, the cloth can absorb up to 10x its own weight in any liquid
•Easily removes cola, wine and pet stains
• Does not drip or make a mess
•Washes, dries and polishes any surface
•Machine washable and can be cleaned with bleach
•Does not scratch different surfaces


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